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Bridal Shower Games

Personalized Games

Video Greeting Card

Setup a video camera in a room away from the main room where you'll be holding the bridal shower, so that it is ready to record.  Instruct each of your guests to take a turn either sitting in a designated chair or standing in the designated spot where the camera is focused, and record a personal greeting for the bride and groom - this can be well wishes, personal advice, etc.  You can either assign someone to be on hand for stopping and starting the recording, or instruct the guests on which button to push so they can start and stop the recording themselves.  Give the video to the bride-to-be for a keepsake and ask her not to view it until after the wedding. 


Floating Wishes

Rent a tank of helium and have enough balloons ready for each of the guests to have one.  Hand out slips of paper and ask each guest to write a special wedding wish or piece of advice on the slip.  Have the guests read their slips to the bride before folding them up, inserting them into the balloons and filling the balloons with helium.  Once everyone is finished reading their slips and filling their balloons, go outside and release them as a group.


Advice Book

Buy a blank journal with a pretty cover in advance of the bridal shower.  Pass the book around to all of the guests and ask them to write down their best advice pertaining to love and marriage.  Be sure they sign their names beside the advice they give.  The journal makes a great memento for the bride-to-be, and if it is big enough it can also be used as a guest book for the wedding, as well as the "gift lift" book so the bride and groom will know who to thank for which gifts when they get back from their honeymoon.


Wedding Mad Libs

Print our wedding mad lib, or create your own to be used at the bridal shower.  Make copies of the word list for each of your guests and give them 2-3 minutes to fill in the blanks.  Hand the completed lists to the bride and ask her to read the mad lib out loud while filling in the blanks from the guests' lists.  Have the bride choose the best, funniest, or most embarrassing story as the winner.  When creating your own mad libs, you can personalize them or make them as risqué as you'd like.


Groom Trivia

Contact the groom prior to the shower and ask him a list of questions (say 10 to 15) about himself and his bride-to-be.  Make sure he keeps your questions a secret from the bride until after the shower.  At the shower, ask each of the guests to write down a number between 1 and 15 (if there are 15 questions).  Ask the questions of the bride-to-be and have someone keep track of how many she gets right.  The guest with the correct answer, or the closest answer if no one gets it exactly, is the winner.  Some example questions are:

1)  What's the groom's favorite flavor of ice cream?

2)  What's the groom's favorite food?

3)  What did the groom wear on your first date?

4)  Where was your first kiss?

5)  What was the date of your first date?

6)  What was the groom's first job?


Bride Trivia

This is a variation of the above game, only have the bride give you information about herself.  Write or type up the questions and hand out the list to the guests to answer.  The guest with the most correct answers about the bride is the winner.


Date Game

Go around the room and ask each of the bridal shower guests to tell you their wedding anniversary date, or their birth date if they're not married.  The person whose date is closest to the bride-to-be's wedding date wins a prize.


Memory Game

Starting with the guest sitting to the left of the bride, go around the room and have each of the guests share their fondest or happiest memory about their friendship with the bride-to-be.  This can turn into a highly emotional game, but it will be one the bride will never forget.  It's also a good idea to video tape this game so the bride can keep it as a memento and watch it again through the years.


Who Am I?

This is a variation of the above where you will mail out 3x5 cards to each guests with their invitation and request that they type or print their favorite memory of the bride, without including their name.  Collect the cards as the guests arrive and have the bride-to-be read them later in the shower.  The bride has to guess who each memory is from and at the end she gets to keep the stack of cards as a memento.


Truth In Candy

Another variation of the above game.  Pass around a bowl of candy such as mints or M&M's and have each guest take as many as they would like, but don't let them eat any.  Once everyone has taken some, ask them to tell something about the bride for each piece of candy they have.  When they're done they can eat the candy.


Candy Bar Poems

Place a variety of candy bars, such as Mr. Goodbar, 100 Grand, Snickers, Park Avenue, etc., on a tray and cover the tray with a towel.  Separate the shower guests into groups of 3 to 5 people each and show each group the contents of the tray for about 30 seconds each.  Ask each group to write a poem or short story about the bride and groom using the names of the candy bars on the tray.  Have the bride-to-be read all of the poems out loud.  The group who uses the most names from the displayed items wins.  Let them share the candy bars as a prize!


People Say the Darnedest Things

Before the shower, ask as many of the bride-to-be's friends, relatives and future relatives to complete this sentence - "Marriage is.....".  Compile all the responses, along with the name of the person who said them, on a piece of decorative paper and present it to the bride at the shower.  Have the bride read the list out loud to the assembled guests and let her keep it as a memento.


Wedding Quilt

For a truly memorable shower, and to give the bride-to-be a gift that will last forever, have each guest design a quilt square in the wedding colors.  Have fabric squares, ribbon, buttons, fabric paints, etc. ready for each guest to create a square which can later be sewn together and made into a quilt to be presented to the bride and groom on their wedding day.  The quilt does not have to be perfect for the bride to cherish it always.


Shower Liner

Buy an inexpensive shower liner and some permanent markers in different colors.  Unfold the liner and lay it out on a table or on the floor somewhere that the guests will each be able to write a signed personal message on it.  Present the finished liner to the bride-to-be and let her know that if she hangs it with the messages on the inside, she and the groom will be able to read them each time they shower and they won't interfere with the bathroom decor.


Write us to share your favorite bridal shower games!


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