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Bridal Shower Games

Just For Fun Games

Make A Bouquet

Hand out paper plates, toilet tissue and construction paper to each of your guests and give them tape or glue to stick their "decorations" to the paper plates.  Have each guest create a "bouquet" using these items and give them two to four minutes to finish.  The bride-to-be should pick her favorite bouquet and the creator wins a prize.  Then have the bride-to-be stand with her back to the guests and throw the bouquet, the one who catches it is the "next to be married".


Name The Cake

Print this list of 15 cake questions, such as "What kind of cake does a mouse like best?" (cheesecake) and "What kind of cake do you eat for breakfast?" (pancake) and hand them out to your guests.  Give the players three minutes to complete the list then read them the answers.  The player with the most correct answers wins.


"Catch" The Bouquet

Pin, glue or tape five or six small paper or ribbons flowers to a dart board.  Give each of your guests three chances to hit the flowers with a dart.  The guest who hits the most flowers, or comes closest to hitting a flower, wins the game and "gets married next".


Fill In The Blank

Write, or print, the word "bridal" along the left hand side of a piece of paper, and the word "shower" along the right hand side, and make copies for each of your guests.  Have your guests fill in the blank with as long a word as they can think of that begins with the letter on the left and ends with the letter on the right.  For example, the first word must begin with the letter "b" and end with the letter "s", such as brides or bouquets.  Give your guests five to ten minutes to complete their list and assign one point for each word, or two points for each word that actually pertains to a wedding or shower.  The guest with the most points wins.


Bride of Frankenstein

Gather a variety of cosmetics in bold colors before the shower and ask for volunteer makeup artists.  Blindfold the volunteers and have them "makeup" the bride.  Once finished, be sure to get a photo to remember this game by!  If you have a large number of guests you could also play this game in groups with one makeup artist per group.


Cotton Ball Game

Blindfold each player in turn and spread cotton balls on the floor in front of them.  Give the player a large spoon or ladle and a large bowl and give them two minutes to pick up as many cotton balls as possible and put them into the bowl.  Although this game is hard enough since the players are blindfolded, you could also have them wear oven mitts while playing if desired.  The participant who gets the most cotton balls into the bowl wins.


Build A Groom

Ask the groom-to-be if you can borrow a set of his clothes, including long sleeved shirt, long pants, socks, shoes, hat and gloves if he has them.  Stuff the clothes with kitchen and household items like aluminum foil, rolling pin, paper towels, bowls, etc.  Try stuffing the bowls into a pair of pantyhose to make the head.  Place the "groom" so he's sitting in a chair somewhere in the room where you'll entertain the guests.  After a few other games have the bride-to-be undress the "groom" and let her keep the items you've used to stuff him with to help stock her kitchen.


Timer Prize Game

This is a neat way to hand out door prizes to your bridal shower attendees.  Set a time to go off after about 5-10 minutes while the bride-to-be is opening her gifts.  Give a door prize to the person who's gift she's opening when the timer goes off.  Reset the timer to off in another 5-10 minutes and repeat the above.


Recipes For The Bride

Include recipe cards in the bridal shower invitations and ask each of your guests to write their favorite recipe on the card and bring it to the shower.  Put the cards in a basket or bowl as your guests arrive and at various times throughout the shower have the bride-to-be pull out a card.  Give a door prize to the guest who's card is pulled.


Hot Potato

Hold up a gift wrapped box and tell everyone that there's a sexy nighty inside.  Play some music and have all the guests sit around in a circle and pass the box around until the music stops.  Whoever has possession of the box when the music stops has to wear the contents of the box.  Of course what's inside the box is really a corsage.


Teddy In A Box

This is a variation of the above game where you let everyone know that there's a sexy teddy in the box.  When the music stops the person left holding the box gets to open it and finds the teddy bear inside.  Let the winner keep the bear.


Under The Sheets

Have enough fortune cookies ready so that each of your guests can have one.  The guests then open their cookies one at a time and read their fortune, adding "under the sheets" to the end of the fortune.  For example, "all your desires will come true . . . under the sheets".  Give a prize to the most embarrassing fortune.


Kiss The Bride's Butt

Put a picture of the bride's face on the wall above a sketch of the rest of her body.  Draw a red heart on her rear end.  Have all of your guest's take a turn putting on red lipstick and a blindfold and then have them kiss the sketch.  The guest who gets closest to the heart wins. 


What's In The Sock?

Buy a bulk package of 4-5 pairs of white athletic socks.  Gather or purchase the same amount (8-10) of things the bride and groom may need on their honeymoon, such as a corkscrew, condoms, suntan lotion, etc.  Place an item in each sock, tie it closed and pin a number on it.  Give each guest a piece of paper and pen and have them write down their guess of what is in each sock.  The trick is that they can't use their hands to feel the socks, only their feet.  The guest with the most correct answers wins.


Wedding Night

Put a piece of paper on the floor in the center of your guests and have each guest take a turn at tracing their handprint on the piece of paper.  The trick is that they can only bend over from the waist, without bending their knees, to do the tracing.  Assign someone to record what each guest says as they attempt to trace their hand and once all the guests have taken their turn announce "This is what the bride is going to say on her wedding night", then read what each person had to say.  This is a hilarious game when the bride hears that she'll be saying things like "I can't reach that far", "Ouch this hurts" and so on.


Famous Couples

Make a list with two columns on a piece of paper - on the left side you list the names of famous or well-known males, and on the right you list their famous or well-known female counterparts.  For example - Ward and June Cleaver, Gomez and Morticia Adams, Elvis and Priscilla Presley, Fred and Wilma Flintstone, Bill and Hilary Clinton.  Just place the first name of the male on the left and mix up the female names on the right.  Hand out copies of the list to your guests and them 3-4 minutes to match up the names by drawing a line from the name on the left to the corresponding name on the right.  When time is up, the guest with the most correct answers wins. 


The Winning Plate

When you're setting up the table for your bridal shower, write the bride's name on the bottom of one paper plate and the groom's name on the bottom of another.  Place the plates back in the stack at random.  After cake, but before everyone throws their plates away, have the guests check underneath for the winning plates.


Take a Load Off

Place a scale in the center of the room where you'll be holding the bridal shower and play a few other games first to allow the guests to get a little nervous about it being there.  Then ask each of your guests in turn to weigh their purses and have someone keep track of their weights.  The guest with the heaviest purse wins!


How Long Is Your Carrot?

Have your guests stand in a circle and hand one of them the longest carrot you can find.  Ask your guest to place the carrot between their knees and pass it to the next guest who will grab it using only their knees.  Keep passing the carrot until someone drops then cut off about an inch from one end.  Continue passing and cutting it is so short it can't be passed anymore.  The person who had the carrot last without dropping it is the winner.


Balloon Sit

Have all of your bridal shower guests sit in a circle and fill the middle of the circle with inflated balloons.  Start a timer with say five minutes on it and have the bride-to-be, mother of the bride, and mother of groom race to see who can pop the most balloons in the time allotted by sitting on them.

Write us to share your favorite bridal shower games!


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