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Bridal Shower Games

Bachelorette Games

Truth And Tear

Walk around to each guest with a roll of toilet paper and ask them to tear off the amount of paper they use during one visit to the bathroom - and be truthful.  After each person has their share of toilet paper, tell them to make anything out of the paper that has something to do with a wedding.  Let the bride-to-be pick the best finished product, and that person wins a prize.


Penis Pin Game

Buy enough clothes pins and fuzzy balls for all of the expected guests.  Draw a penis on each of the clothes pins and hot glue two fuzzy balls onto the ends.  When the guests arrive, pin the clothes pins on them and tell them that they can't do something like say "bride" or cross their legs.  Whenever someone at the shower does or says the forbidden thing, the guest that catches them first gets to take their "penis".  The guest with the most "penises" at the end of the shower wins.


Pin The Tail On The Male

Either find a poster of a scantily clad hunk or blow up a photo of the groom and attach it to a sketch of the outline of a man's body and hang on the wall.  Get a package of long balloons and blow them up to different lengths.  Blindfold each guest in turn and give each a chance to "pin" the "tail" on the male using a piece of tape.  The guest who gets nearest the "spot" wins.  In the case of a tie let the bride-to-be pick her favorite balloon.


Hit The Target

Have the guests divide up into teams of two people.  Have one of the partners hold a roll of toilet paper between their knees.  The other partner is blindfolded and holds a broom or a stick between their knees.  The partner with the toilet paper can verbally guide the other partner to get the stick into the hole of the toilet paper roll.  Time each of the teams - the pair with the fastest time wins.


Find The Hunk

Cut out pictures of geeks and one hunk from magazines, or write up descriptions on slips of paper, fold them up and slip them into balloons, making enough for each of your expected guests.  Have the balloons blown up in advance and pass them around to the guests.  Provide pins so the guests can pop their balloons - the lady who gets the hunk wins.


I Never...

Give each of your guests ten pieces of candy, like M&M's or mints.  Beginning with the bride, each guest must confess to one thing she's never done.  For example, "I never smoked".  Any guest who has done what was confessed must eat a piece of candy.  After each guest has told their "I Never", the one with the most candy left wins the game.  It's also pretty funny to give a prize to any person who has no candy left at the end.


Bridal Shower Piñata

Buy or make an empty Piñata and fill it with "dirty" favors instead of candy.  Ideas for favors include condoms, penis shaped lollipops, a lace garter, and other kinky toys or items.  Have a broomstick or bat ready, blindfold each guest in turn and allow each one a swing at the Piñata until it breaks and the surprises pop out.


After The Wedding

Have the bride-to-be and the guests pretend that the wedding is over and it is now the wedding night.  The electricity goes out at the honeymoon hotel and the bride must prepare for her wedding night in complete darkness.  Now blindfold the bride and hand her a suitcase.  The bride must put on everything in the suitcase while blindfolded.  Your suitcase can contain items like sunglasses, the groom's underwear or boxer shorts, a large bra, work gloves, Hawaiian shirt, fuzzy slippers, toe socks, etc.  Be sure to have a camera ready because you'll definitely want a picture of the end result!


Balloon Questions

Write down embarrassing or personal questions on individual slips of paper, fold and stuff them into enough balloons for each of your guests.  Blow up the balloons and allow each guest to pop a balloon and ask the question of the bride-to-be.  For any question she chooses not to answer, or answers incorrectly, she must drink a shot or chug a beer.


Honeymoon Adventure

While the bride is opening her shower presents, have someone discreetly writing down the phrases that she says as she opens each one.  For example "this is so big", "oh, this is wonderful", "this is so heavy", and "I've never seen anything like this".  Take all the phrases and put them in order to tell a story of how the honeymoon is going to go and tell it to the assembled shower guests after the bride-to-be is finished opening her gifts.


Can You Blow

Purchase enough round 8 inch balloons for all the expected guests and poke a small hole in one balloon before the party.  Hand out balloons to all the guests, being sure to hand the balloon with a hole in it to the bride-to-be.  Instruct your guests to begin blowing up their balloons and the first one whose balloon explodes wins.  It's great fun to watch when the bride realizes she's been taken.


Perfect Penis

Buy enough Play Dough so each guest can have their own container, set a timer for two minutes and instruct each guest to shape their Play Dough into their idea of the perfect penis.  Once the timer goes off, have the guests place their penises on a piece of wax paper on the floor in the center of the room.  Have the bride-to-be select her favorite as the winner.  You could also give a prize to the worst looking one if you'd like.


Whose Nighty Is It

In the invitations instruct each guest to bring a brown paper bag containing their favorite sleepwear.  Have the bride-to-be open each bag and allow the guests to guess who it belongs to.  This game can get really crazy if you have a bunch of guests since the sleepwear can vary greatly from a frilly teddy to an old t-shirt and socks.


Whose Underwear Is It

A variation of the above game where each guest is asked to bring a pair of fun underwear to the shower (sexy, thong, large panties, etc.).  Hang a clothesline across the room and have the guests hang their underwear on as they arrive.  The bride-to-be gets to guess who brought which pair of underwear, and gets to keep them all at the end.


Mouse Trap Game

Tie a long string to the back of a belt and give each guest a raw hot dog.  Each player should carefully tie the string to one end of her hot dog when it is her turn then put the belt on and adjust the string so the hot dog is hanging just below the knees.  Set a mouse trap and place it in the middle of the floor.  Each player then squats over the mouse trap and tries to set it off without using their hands and without getting the hot dog caught.  If no one sets off the trap without getting their hot dog caught then the guest with the longest hot dog left wins.


Hot Dog In A Bottle

A variation of the above game only you use a bottle instead of a mouse trap. The bottle opening should be larger than the hot dog, but not too much larger. Have the guests squat down to try and dip the hot dog into the bottle opening. You could also have the guests hang the hot dog around the back side for even more laughs! 


Scavenger Hunt

After the guests meet, give the bride-to-be a list of bars to go to along with a list of items she has to get at each bar.  The items can be anything, examples include fifty pennies from customers, five business cards, a picture taken with three single men, a condom from a vending machine or a customer.  Make sure she's labeled as "bride-to-be" and has other guests with her when she visits each bar - also be sure to have a designated driver!


Suck For A Buck

Prepare a t-shirt in advance with candies, such as Lifesavers, stuck all over it - just get the candy wet and stick it to the shirt.  Have the bride-to-be wear the shirt for a night out on the town and allow the guys to pay a buck to suck a candy off the shirt.  Use a magic marker to write or stencil "Suck For A Buck" on the back of the shirt.


Fruit Balls

Place either a lemon or an orange in each leg of a pair of pantyhose.  Wrap the pantyhose around each guests waist in turn so that the fruits drop low in the front.  Place a sealed soda bottle that is about 1/3 full on floor in front of the guest and have them swing their "balls" to try and knock the bottle over.  Time each guest, the guest with the lowest time wins.


Eat The Pickle

Buy a large jar of extra large pickles and tie a string through the top of each pickle, with about a three foot length left over.  Tie all of the pickles from a string across the patio, or from the patio ceiling.  Have each of your shower guests stand under a pickle with their hands behind their backs.  Put one minute on a time and instruct the guests to each as much of their pickle as possible without using their hands.  The person who eats the most of their pickle, or is the first to complete their pickle, wins.


Shooters For Hooters

Buy a pair of blow-up boobs from an adult novelty store and get a large, plain t-shirt.  Use a magic marker to draw "Buy me a shooter and I'll show you my hooters" on the t-shirt.  Have the bride-to-be wear the blow-up boobs and the t-shirt out on a night on the town.  It's a great way for the bride-to-be to get free drinks, and lots of attention.  Make sure your group has chosen a designated driver. 


Bikini Union Suit

Dress the bride-to-be up in a pair of long underwear, the kind with a trap-door, that have a bikini drawn on them with a permanent ink market.  Take her out for her night on the town and allow people to autograph her attire with the permanent marker, or write her messages wishing her well.


Inexpensive Stripper

If your bride-to-be doesn't want you to hire a stripper, or if your budget doesn't allow for one, try this clever idea.  Cut out a cardboard silhouette of a man and dress him in clothes.  Blowup a photo of the groom or poster of a hunk and place it on top of the cardboard cutout.  Prepare questions about the bride and groom in advance and ask them of the guests, for each correct answer remove an article of clothing from the "stripper".  Strategically place a cutout of a fig leaf so it shows up after the last item of clothing is removed.  See how long it takes for someone to lift up the fig leaf - you might put a message underneath such as "good try" or "no peeking till the wedding night".


Word Game

Have each guest think about the household chore that they hate the most and write down on a piece of paper the three top reasons why they hate doing that chore.  For example, if the chore is doing dishes they could write something like "picking off all the crusty stuff", or if the chore is laundry they could write something like "remembering to check all the pockets".  Mix up the papers and pass them around so each guest has someone else's paper, then take turns reading the reasons out loud, but replace "I hate doing laundry" with "I hate sex because..."


Write us to share your favorite bridal shower games!


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