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Bridal Shower Games

Activity Games

Bridal Bingo

Make "Bingo Cards" with five squares across and five squares down for a total of 25 empty squares.  Mark the center square as a "free space".  Once the guests arrive have them write down a gift in each square that they think the bride-to-be will receive.  As she is opening her gifts the guests get to mark off any square with the correct gift in it.  The first person to get five in a row - horizontally, vertically or diagonally - shouts "BINGO" and wins a prize.


Guest Bingo

Print "Bingo Cards" as described above, only place a different guest's name in each box, making each card different.  Go around the room and allow each guest to pick one name on their card to say something nice about.  Each guest gets to mark that person's name off their card and the first person to shout "BINGO" wins.


Draw The Bride

Each guest get a blank sheet of paper, a crayon and a book or clipboard.  Have them place the paper on the book and put the book on top of their head.  Each guest then draws the bride in her wedding gown with as much detail as possible - veil, jewelry, train, etc.  Give the guests two minutes to finish their drawings.  When finished, pass the pictures around and allow the bride to pick the best one.  Have each guest sign their drawings so the bride-to-be can keep them for her scrapbook.


Draw The Groom

This is a variation of "Draw The Bride", only the guests draw a picture of the groom in his underwear.  The bride-to-be gets to pick the best drawing and the artist gets a prize.  You could also give a prize for the worst drawing.


Bride's Dream House

In another variation of the above game, ask the guests to draw the bride's dream house on the top of their heads, and let the bride-to-be pick the winning drawing.


Musical Box

Put something small and nice to wear in a box such as a necklace, pin or corsage.  With music playing, pass the box around.  Tell everyone that there's something "hot" to wear in the box and that whoever has the box when the music stops has to wear.  Everyone usually assumes that its lingerie in the box, and the "loser" is always relieved to find out what is really in there.


Gum Game

Write questions and answers to trivia about the groom on separate pieces of paper.  Place them in a hat or a bowl and let guests take turns selecting a question to ask the bride.  Every time she gets a wrong answer she has to put a gumball (no sticks) in her mouth.  This game can get hilarious if you have quite a few guests and the bride-to-be has a mouthful of gum by the time you get to the last question!


Clothes Pin Hanger

Place about twenty clothes pins on a hanger.  Each guest gets a turn to try and take as many clothes pins off the hanger as they can without dropping any, using only one hand to hold the hanger and the other hand to take off the clothes pins.  Count how many they got before the one they dropped and the person who gets the most pins wins.


In The Bag

Make a list before hand of both common and uncommon things that can be found in a woman's purse and assign each item a point value.  For example lipstick is 2 points, red lipstick is 4 points, hairbrush is 2 points, mirror is 3 points, family picture 2 points, stapler is 10 points, lotion is 5 points, sewing kit is 10 points, etc.  Have your guests put their purses in their laps and start reading down the list.  You can either have each guest keep their own score or assign a scorekeeper, and the person with the most points wins.



About thirty minutes or so into the party have the bride-to-be casually leave the room then hand each guest a pen and piece of paper.  Ask them to describe everything the bride was wearing in as much detail as they can remember - earrings, shoes, hose, blouse, watch, etc.  Give them about five minutes to complete their descriptions then bring the bride back in the room and see whose had the most detail.  The best description wins.


Safety Pin Game

Fill a large mixing bowl at least half full with rice and mix in about 50 or more small safety pins.  Blindfold each guest and have them try to pull out as many safety pins as possible within thirty seconds.  The guest who gets the most pins wins.  Although it sounds easy, you'll be surprised how hard it really is!


Guess The Spice

Buy ten or more different bottled spices and wrap each one so that the label doesn't show but the lid can be removed.  Mark the bottom of each with a number and make a list of which spice relates to each number.  Pass the spices around to each guest and have write down their guess of what they think each one is.  After everyone has guessed let them what the spices were and the guest who got the most right wins a prize.  Then give the spices to the bride-to-be to add to her kitchen.


Bridal Pictionary

Make a list of things associated with brides and weddings and put them on individual slips of paper then put the slips in a hat or bowl.  Divide the guests into two teams and let one person from each team draw a word out of the hat then have their team guess what the word is while they try to draw it.  If the team drawing doesn't guess the word, the other team gets a chance to guess.  The teams get a point for each correct guess and the team with the most points wins.


They're Playing Our Song

As each guest arrives have them write down the name of the song from the first dance at their wedding along with their name.  If the guest isn't married, have them write down their favorite love song or "the song" from their current relationship.  Later in the shower read the title of each song out loud and have the guests write down the person they think the song belongs to.  After each title has been read the guests have had a chance to write down their answers, read the song titles again along with the person who's song it is.  Give one point for each song the guests got right - the person with the most points wins.


Blindfold Stocking Game

Have a pair of knee high stockings and either oven mitts or kitchen gloves available for each guest.  Each guest then tries to put on the knee highs (over their own socks if they're wearing any) with the oven mitts on.  The first one to finish wins.  After the game is over, the bride-to-be gets to keep the gloves or oven mitts.


The Name Game

Give each guest a pen and a piece of paper and have them write down the names of the bride and groom.  Give everyone three minutes to write down things having to do with a wedding or marriage that start with the letters of the names.  When time is up compare everyone's answers.  If guests have the same answers, they don't count.  Each unique answer gets a point and the person with the most points wins.


White Stuff Game

Number zip lock bags and fill each one half full with the following:  flour, salt, sugar, baking soda, baking powder, cornstarch, powdered sugar, powdered milk, unflavored gelatin and Bisquick.  Make a list of what is in each bag.  Allow the guests to look at and feel each bag without opening them.  Have them write down what they think is in each bag and the person with the most correct answers wins.


Guess How Many

Fill a decorative jar with candy - like M&M's or mints.  Count how many candies are in the jar ahead of time and have each of the guests write down their guess as to the number.  The guest with the closest answer wins the jar of goodies.


What's The Brand Name

Cut pictures of cleaning, grocery or other household items out of magazines or newspapers - about 12 to 15 pictures will do.  Paste the pictures on index card and black out the brand names with a magic marker, then number each card.  Pass out numbered sheets of paper to each guest and pass the cards around the room so everyone can see the card and write down what they think the brand name is.  The guest with the most correct brand names wins.


Guess What's In The Box

Get a small box, like a box that wooden matches come in, and fill it with everyday items like gum, a paper clip, staple, tack, nail, dental floss, thread, etc.  Tell you shower guests how many things are in the box and have them guess what those things are.  Give them five minutes to write down their answers then open the box.  The person with the most correct answers wins.


Canned Goods Game

In the invitations, ask each guest to bring a canned food item to the shower.  Prior to the shower ask the groom to answer some questions about the bride-to-be such as her favorite color, what was she wearing on her first date, where they first met, what was he wearing on their first date, what did they do on their first date, etc.  Put the questions and answers on individual slips of paper and give one to each guest to ask the bride.  If she gets the answer right they give her the canned food item they brought, if she gets the answer wrong the guest rips the label off the can before giving it to her.


Pin The Veil On The Bride

Similar to pin the tail on the donkey.  Enlarge a photograph of the bride on a photocopier and tape it to the wall.  Draw a veil on a piece of paper and make photocopies of it then cut out the veils.  Blindfold each guest and give them a veil cutout to "pin" on the "bride" with a piece of tape.  The guest who gets the best veil position wins.


Melt The Ice Cube

Prior to the bridal shower prepare ice cubes with small items in them like plastic brides and grooms or other wedding related trinkets.  Give each shower guest a plastic cup with one of the ice cubes in it and explain to them that they can't take the ice cube out of the cup or touch it with their hands.  They can use their hands or other body parts to warm the cup and the first to melt the cube wins.  The ice cubes take about 10 to 15 minutes to melt which will give you time to serve food or give the guests time to mingle when they first arrive.


The Price Is Right

Prior to the bridal shower the hostess purchases approximately five to ten household items such as cleaning products, toilet paper, and coffee and makes a note of the price of each item.  Each item is presented at the shower for the guests to guess the price.  Select three guests to guess the price of each item and the guest who gets closest to the actual price without going over wins.  Give each winning guest the item as a prize.


Write us to share your favorite bridal shower games!


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